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Appcha Tech is a mobile applications software company. Its product Onflo is a social media application designed for a business enterprise. A platform that connects and engages people through structured sharing of information, in a team or an organization.

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United States
47000 Warm Springs Blvd #421
Fremont, C4 94539
Contact No: +1 559-301-9190


Onflo is a social media platform for a business enterprise that categorizes and searches database as well as stores database related to products and services offered by a business enterprise. It also provides live streaming for business enterprises.

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Intellectual Property

Appcha Tech owns the copyright of the Onflo logo and name. It owns complete rights to the software of Onflo and other applications developed by Appcha Tech.

Process Flow

  1. Download the app.
  2. Use Lite Version or Go to App Menu and Upgrade to Pro Version.
  3. Use payment gateway to pay or add credits for other features.